Get response email marketing review

Get response Test 2021 – What do users say? I’m considering getting the 30 day trial version of Get Response (it gives you access to most of the features). But first I wanted to see whether Get Response would meet my basic requirements for email and marketing automation with the cheapest package. I tested Get … Read more

Pinning Keywords Made Easy OTO — Pinning Keywords Made Easy Upsell & Bonuses

Skip the expensive Pinterest courses that may be outdated. Instead, check out this inexpensive Pinterest training for keywords. In this Masterclass, you will discover how Becky and Kristie are getting literally hundreds/thousands of views by using PINTEREST’s own platform to show YOU behind the scenes of what BUYERS are looking for!!! Tired of struggling, wasting … Read more

#230 – How to Use Pinterest Marketing to Target a U.S. Audience from Abroad

All this month we are talking about Pinterest beyond the U.S. borders and the ways to market as an international business or to an international market. Marketing on Pinterest is global, but before you start targeting EVERYONE, you need to know who your audience is and focus on how to reach them specifically. Don’t get … Read more

#231 – Pinterest Audience Differences Across Countries: U.S. vs. Canada

When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, one of the biggest challenges is knowing how to get your content in front of the right people, no matter where they live. As Pinterest continues to expand, many businesses are asking how they can best reach their Pinterest audience, especially if they want that reach to extend … Read more

#232 – Why We LOVE Canva Pro for Creating Pinterest Images

Designing with Canva is the topic of today’s episode of the Simple Pin Podcast. When it comes to design, I get slightly anxious at the thought of designing a pin (maybe even a little sweaty)! I’m convinced from the get-go that it’s going to look horrible! I’ve always felt like I lacked that left-brain artistic … Read more

Blockchain Capital Review: WBT & BCT token securities fraud

Blockchain Capital operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company provides a corporate address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on its website. The address belongs to Wilfred International Services, who provide “International Business Formation” (shell companies) and a virtual office address service. Needless to say Blockchain Capital exists in St. Vincent and the Gernadines … Read more

PrivaFund Review: Bogus trading returns Ponzi scheme

PrivaFund operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company provides executive information on its website, however it’s pretty wonky. The only name I was able to establish a digital footprint for outside of PrivaFund was Maurice Malherbe, and that’s a YouTube channel with no content created in 2013. Everything else pertaining to Malherbe appears to … Read more

Finiko’s CFR Ponzi points collapse, FNK token exit-scam

Finiko has introduced its own Ponzi token, paving the way for its inevitable exit-scam. Finiko, launched in Russia in mid 2019 and then internationally in 2020, had been soliciting investment into CFR Ponzi points. That introduction of FNK tokens has seen that model collapse. CFR was an internal Ponzi token Finiko pegged at 1:1 for … Read more

Bedrock Experts Review: Daily returns Ponzi scheme

Bedrock Experts provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company. Bedrock Experts’ website domain (“”) was privately registered on January 13th, 2021. In an attempt to appear legitimate, Bedrock Experts provides a UK incorporation certificate on its website. UK incorporation is dirt cheap and effectively unregulated. It is a favored … Read more


You can make money on YouTube by doing affiliate marketing, which is including links to products you review and use in your videos that will track a purchase. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale. You can be an expert in affiliate marketing and joins … Read more