How to boost your brand and followers on Twitter: The easy way.

Searching for a business online and you can’t find their social media page? Just how legit are they really??

In today’s world, this is the way the times roll and if you’re in any business, it’s imperative to have a social media presence — and an active one at that.

But why? A social presence gives potential customers the confidence in your product (remember, this is online, not in-store), as well as more ‘street cred’. The more confident your potential customers are in your business as a whole, the more money you will ultimately be making — whether you’re a small business or an influencer.

Among the top social media platforms users check when searching a business’ online presence, Twitter is one of the most popular networking services, with 340 million active users.

We’ll go through some of the strategic steps to get the most out of your Twitter account, outlining an easy way of navigating and using the platform, maximising your brand’s full potential.

* Update your profile

Your profile is like the face of your business and one of the first things a user will land on when searching for your brand online.

Twitter makes this simple enough to update, but you must ensure that everything on the page is complete — from a business logo to important brand/business information such as location. If you’re more of a personal brand, make sure you have a high quality, clear and professional profile photo, and state your profession.

Business website or blog? Don’t forget to link it on your profile page too, as well as your other social media accounts.

Lastly, add any important hashtags related to you or your business, the Twitter world loves a hashtag!

* Pinned tweet

Your very own 140-character long advertising billboard, that’s basically what a Pinned Tweet comprises of, so do take advantage — and make sure it’s a goodie.

As a pinned tweet appears at the top of your profile, if users as a first glance don’t enjoy your pinned tweet, chances are they won’t engage with the rest of your feed — so do consider this factor as well.





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