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Remember when Trump got banned from Twitter and every other platform on the Internet? It feels like ages ago, right? Well apparently, he is planning on launching his own platform. Not surprising — it’s definitely something only he would do. Anyway. In a previous blog, we’ve talked about Twitter’s controversial Birdwatch feature and how it could be beneficial in terms of reducing hate speech and misinformation, but also an issue when it comes to overall freedom of speech and putting the power to decide in the hands of a bunch of opinionated people (and Big Techs, mostly).

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An article on Twitter’s website was published asking for “public input on our approach to world leaders”. Twitter explains that they want to move along with the evolution of correctness and act in the interest of their online community. Before making any drastic policy changes, the platform will send a survey around (available in multiple languages) to understand the public’s views on future decisions around the “ever-changing nature of political discourse”. Twitter stated “… we want to hear from the public on whether or not they believe world leaders should be subject to the same rules as others on Twitter … and what type of enforcement action is appropriate.” Twitter user, if you wish to participate in the survey, it is already out and will close on Monday the 12th of April 2021.

This is a good move from Twitter considering that they received praises but also heavy backlash for banning former US President Donald Trump. It is quite democratic and thoughtful as the platform only wants what’s best for its users without looking like it’s controlling everything. At least this way, if anything bad happens, it’s easier for Twitter to start pointing fingers back at its users saying: “but that’s what you guys wanted”. If the public decides otherwise, then the public can only blame themselves for choosing to remain impartial. Not sure how useful this survey will turn out to be but it’s good that big tech companies are kept accountable for their actions. Here at Mint Stalk, a leading Creative and Digital Marketing Agency operating in the UAE, we use these platforms everyday and can see the type of interaction that goes on. It’s true, Trump’s tweets were controversial but as world leader, remaining decent online is the minimum. People often debate on how his tweets were not offensive but it will be interesting to see how these restrictions will be received in the long run and if they will eventually move down to business owners and individuals.

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